Organic Life’s Guide to Concoctions: 250+ natural and powerful drinks to nourish your body By Nic Odhiambo

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Our bodies are complex machines with many different parts working together in perfect unison so that we feel calm, healthy, strong and happy. When a single part of this complex machine breaks down, we feel weak and unhappy. If you do not believe me, tell me how you feel when you have a single tooth aching or when your pinky finger hurts…How then do we maintain this complex machine in near-perfect working order? (I say “near perfect” because let’s face it perfection is a quest, not a destination). We do so through many different ways; we eat clean, we run or jog, we get plenty of sleep, we take a lot of water, we take part in sports, we surround ourselves with the people we love, we chase our dreams and so on. All these are different ways through which we try to be healthy and happy. This book, “Organic Life’s guide to concoctions” seeks this ‘near-perfection’ through drinks. It is a guide to the different natural drinks (concoctions) you can make in your home with very little effort to either serve as remedies for common diseases or just as beverages to boost your immune system so that you are strong to chase your dreams and be happy with your loved ones. In these pages, you will learn how to make your favorite smoothies and milkshakes with a healthy twist. You will enjoy amazing juices that will keep you going all day long. You will get introduced to herbs – tisanes, and tinctures that will heal your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Do enjoy and remember, you are what you eat. In the final chapter, we talk a little bit about our company – we shed light on our work, dreams, and ambitions and how you can be part of the change we all so desperately need because we now know that no one is coming to save us; we are the change, the superheroes with no capes we’ve all been waiting for. Write to me with your comments and feedback here: [email protected] Thank you:)

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