Michael Jordan: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Greatest Players (Basketball Biography Books) By Clayton Geoffreys

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Learn the Incredible Story of Chicago Bulls’ Superstar Michael Jordan

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An Amazon Best Seller, Michael Jordan: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Greatest Players, outlines the inspirational story of basketball’s superstar, Michael Jordan.

This short unauthorized biography of Michael Jordan highlights his journey so far in the NBA from once being passed until the 3rd overall pick to becoming a six-time NBA champion.

Few players have shaped so much of the game of basketball as Michael Jordan. It does not take a basketball fanatic to recognize and respect the name of Michael Jordan. Around the world, fans continue to aspire to become Jordan due to the incredible legacy he left behind on the Bulls organization and the game itself.

Read on to learn about Michael Jordan’ journey into the league, his championship campaigns alongside Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Phil Jackson, as well as much more.

Here is a preview of what is inside this book:

  • Childhood and Early Life
  • College Years at UNC
  • Michael’s NBA Career
  • Baseball in Birmingham
  • Olympic Gold Standard
  • Michael Jordan’s Legacy & Future

An excerpt from the book:

When it comes to sports in Chicago, there is a list of athletes whose names are synonymous with their respective sport – Walter Payton of the National Football League’s Bears, “Mr. Cub” Ernie Banks in Major League Baseball, or the “Golden Jet” Bobby Hull for the Blackhawks. However, none of them ever won as many accolades like Michael Jordan has during his 15 years in the National Basketball Association with the Chicago Bulls. Even though he played two years of his career with the Washington Wizards, Jordan will always be remembered for wearing the red and black in Chicago and joining the list of aforementioned Chicago sports legends.

Nearly 20 years after his final season with the Bulls, there’s now a bronze sculpture showing Jordan’s infamous “jumpman” pose in front of the United Center – a place that many consider “the house that Jordan built.” But many in Chicago will never forget his name for bringing six championships to the city within the 1990s. There are still fans that wear his iconic number 23 uniform and hold current stars like Derrick Rose to the same expectations as the Bulls continue to return to the glory from 20 years ago.

There’s a reason Jordan built up one of the greatest careers that anyone has ever seen, not only the NBA, but throughout professional sports. His name also transcended into clothing, pop culture, movies, music, and other sports like baseball. Still, it all starts with everything he’s accomplished in basketball – with more than 32,000 points, six Most Valuable Player awards, and more several individual distinctions for both offense and defense.

Jordan once said that basketball “has been everything. My place of refuge, place I’ve always gone where I needed comfort and peace. It’s been the site of intense pain and the most intense feelings of joy and satisfaction.”


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